New York City

New York is without a doubt the style capital of the world, epitomizing the entrepreneurial heartbeat and culture which makes it the vibrant, glamorous yet gritty city that it is. You really have no choice but to fall in love with NYC and all of its clichés, from its token yellow cabs, tree lined streets, skyscrapers and the prettiest blooms on every corner just to name a few!

After three weeks of traffic, people watching, high bank statements (it’s almost impossible to resist shopping) and excess calories, I was super sad to see my love affair with New York come to an end.

Not long after my trip to New York in 2010 (my very first trip to the US), I just knew I had to expand my business to New York and so Fashion Palette New York was now a work in progress, a concept and just an idea… And that was it, the vision and determination was there and so I spent endless hours researching local venues, PR agencies and everything New York Fashion Week related. I put the word out into the Australian fashion industry to gauge interest (and to figure out if it was worth pursuing) and off I went back to NYC to finalise plans, draw on inspiration, contacts and ideas all crammed into a one crazy week of meetings, site visits and appointments!

Once I found my feet in the Big Apple, I set a date (for September 2012) – and just like that (well two years later) my love affair with New York became a yearly travel destination and a runway platform on the annual New York Fashion Calendar! …And that my friends, was indeed a feeling like no other!

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