Falafel Prawns with Lemon Tahini

I have never been a huge fan of falafel, BUT the addition of prawns takes falafel to the next level. You don’t want to use tin chickpeas as the consistency of the falafel will end up mushy, you want to have a crunch and so you will need to purchase dried chickpeas and soak these in a bowl of water overnight. Also when blitzing the ingredients together you don’t want to over mix the falafel – try and keep it rough so that you get a nice texture that will add an extra crunch. Lastly make sure you add bicarb-soda asthis will give your mix a less dense texture. Its simple, fresh and delicious… especially when they’re eaten warm!

I hope you enjoy this recipe.



Falafel Prawns
12 large green prawns
2 cups pre-soaked chickpeas (24 hours prior to use)
1 medium onion
4 cloves garlic
1 bunch parsley
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon bicarb-soda

Vegetable or Canola oil for frying

Lemon Tahini
1 lemon juiced
1/2 cup tahini
1/2 – 1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup water

1. Pre-soak chickpeas over night (ideally 24 hours before use).
2. Peel & clean 12-14 large green prawns, leaving the tails on.
3. In a food processor add, 2 cups chickpeas, 1 medium onion, 4 cloves garlic, 1 teaspoon cumin, 1 teaspoon salt & 1/2 teaspoon bicarb-soda. Blitz until you get a medium consistency.
4. Wrap the falafel mixture around each prawn and set aside ready from frying
5. Heat oil to 170 degrees Celsius and cook off the falafel prawns until deep golden brown
6. In a bowl add the tahini, juice of 1 lemon, salt and water and mix to combine.
7. Serve with a lemon wedge on the side.

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